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Introducing A 3-Step System To Takeover & Turnaround Businesses For Profit With No Money Down And Minimal Financial Risk

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What You’ll Learn

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The 3 Types Of Business Takeovers

Learn the three types of takeover deals. Discover what type of deal will work best for your situation and goals. And see real life case studies of people who have taken over businesses for little or no money down, and turned them around for profit.

How To Find Suitable Businesses And Structure A Takeover Deal

Discover how to find distressed businesses that you can takeover. Learn how to identify motivated business owners. And find out the 5 ways to structure a takeover deal so you can minimise your financial risk.

How To Turnaround A Distressed Business For Cash Flow And Profit

Learn how to use safe harbour laws and invoke unfair preference to stop creditors and get the time you need to turnaround a business. Discover how to start turning around a loss making business, so you can generate consistent revenues and cash flow.

A Message From Our Founder


Dominique Grubisa

Lawyer, Property Investor And Debt Specialist

Over the years, I have lost everything several times…

First by overleveraging myself in property, and then by investing millions of dollars in failed startups, takeovers and acquisitions.

This hard won experience means that I have learned the hard way what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Today, I am the founder of a multi-million dollar company and I have acquired dozens of businesses globally.

I created the Business Turnaround Online course to help you avoid the mistakes that I made, so you can start creating wealth from business faster.

The program draws on my real world business experience, as well as my expertise as a lawyer specialising in debt law. And it gives you a practical introduction to the takeover and turnaround process that you can follow in your own time.

As a member you’ll learn about the different types of business takeover, where to look for suitable businesses to takeover, 5 ways to structure deals, and how to potentially secure these businesses with little or no money down, and minimal financial risk

So if you like the idea of taking over and turning around businesses for profit, then I invite you to try the course today.

What You’ll Get

online course

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Course Feedback

Dominique explains everything really well. I like the fact that the videos were short so I could stay engaged and remember more

Linda Capovilla

This was wonderfully informative and has definitely motivated me to progress further on acquiring businesses to build personal wealth. Thank you!

Kellie Walters

Thankyou – increased my confidence – looking forward to more study with DGI Institute.

Rebecca Kellock

ABSOLUTELY amazing i really wanted to do the business turnaround workshop however, i am paying off RER and PUP and cannot afford it, This gave me some idea of what to do and has (broadened?) my horizons would love to take over a business or two!

Kurtis Ellul

Content was a great overview, and helped to clarify options

Julia Harris

Quite informative, well explained and provided insight into the new laws

Renuka shukla

Informative and enjoyable!

Kalvin Smith

Great coverage – thank you

Lee Seigenberg

Short and concise.

Joo Soo Lim